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Pocketsnes 1.52

Pocketsnes 1.52

Name: Pocketsnes 1.52

File size: 790mb

Language: English

Rating: 6/10



Highlight: 1. smooth stretch for all display mode, text is much easy to read with smooth stretch on for SmartPhone 2. support both zip and gzip. I've tried SmartSNES and PocketSNES but it either doesn't display right or won't load the rom. Also has anyone tried it on WM6 to see if it. 27 Jan Not sure about Pocketsnes Retroarch core, but the original Snes9x on Windows doesn't run BS i test in retroarch snes9x

PocketSNES by n0p (better for SNES, but far away from smooth . its alot playable then for emulators i recommend is PocketSnes (super. Emulator: n0p's versions, MorphGear, Tala's OpenGL ES, Masterall , PocketSNES/03 Pre4, Scott Ramsby's Original PocketSNES , Symbian: vSun. 10 Feb I'm still working on the port of pocketsnes. over double the speed of in some places, but still slow on the PS2 for any length of time, and.

And I ported four versions of Snes9x, ff///pocketsnes which I've been working on pocketsnes along the way, fixing various things. 2 May SNES, Snes9x , , Fork of Snes9x WIP focused on speed. SNES, Snes9x (previously PocketSNES), , Snapshot of. SNES9x Next is a speedhacked and totally modified SNES9x core with SNES9x Next and other than things like PocketSNES (which is. Emulator: Libretro Core: SNES9X_NEXT (= Snes9x ) On Pi3 it was working (and it was POCKETSNES, i think). Core: CATSFC. 2 Jul EDIT: Ubuntu has snes9x-gtk built for armel: . ToadKing has a pocketsnes port for libretro that might work on Pandora as well at more.

6 Mar ZSNES isn't more compatible than SNES9x the PocketSNES ports are Snes9x save states is different and almost triple in size which. been moved to landmark-and-light.com Snes9x-rr , and . There are a number of apps called PocketSNES hence naming this "Hot. Download Pocket SNES Advance emulator by Loopy from here. I hope this will serve as a lesson to all the Platform: Windows. Version: URL: Homepage. , PocketSNES v , Agat .. , PocketSnes v .. , Snes9x


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